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I had an absolute blast last weekend at ETSU-Con in Johnson City, TN! It was amazing getting to meet so many awesome cosplayers and the guests that the con had were amazing. Nolan North ( and Courtenay Taylor ( were just as charming in person as you would expect them to be. They both had incredible stories and advice for up-and-coming voice artists. They also signed autographs and were very reasonable on prices for them (some celebrities charge $40+ for autographs). ETSU-Con covered the first autograph for free in the fees they paid the VAs and additional ones were only $10 which was incredibly awesome of Nolan and Courtenay to do.

Jirard Khalil ( and Alex Faciane ( were the other two major guests at the con and they did not disappoint either! They both hail from “That One Video Gamer” ( and have “The Completionist” ( and “The National Dex” ( respectively and collaborate on “Super Beard Bros” ( I was super, super excited to see them and even got a little emotional during their Q&A. Their videos helped me get through a really lousy time about a year ago when I was diagnosed with my autoimmune disorder. I presented them with tribute (a copy of Starflight, Star Control, and Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday all on Genesis and a VHS tape of “Donkey Kong Country: The full length movie!”). I also got photos with them and they signed my “+5 Shirt of Awesome.” Puck (, who was also with me, got Alex and Jirard to do a video for me to help cheer me up on my bad days. Lets just say that “truck nuts” are forever imprinted on my mind. I also got them to sign the interview I did with Chris Avellone ( that they posted on the TOVG site a few years ago. That is what Jirard is holding in the picture below.

I also got to present my “Collecting Retro Video Games” panel at ETSU-Con and I had really good attendance! You can watch my panel here¬†on YouTube. I got some really good questions throughout the panel as well which made it even more fun and interesting. I will have JPEGs of the PowerPoint available on this post as well.

The Dealer’s Room was really nice as well and both Puck and I grabbed some awesome stuff from there. He got me a copy of “Final Fantasy II” (which was IV in Japan) and I got him a shirt and a Gatomon plushie. We also ate at a German restaurant in downtown Johnson City called “Freiberg’s” and IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Honestly, that was some of the best mashed potatoes and homemade sauerkraut I’ve ever had!

Overall Puck and I had an absolute blast and I hope that they do have an ETSU-Con next year (it is in question due to renovations being done at the Culp Center on ETSU’s campus). Currently I am writing this from my hotel room at Mysticon in Roanoke, VA where I have been restricted to due to coming down with viral gastritis earlier in the week. Puck and Thesally are having fun at the con and helping with A/V while I work on some other projects.

Thank you all for reading this and I hope to see some of you all in the near future!

LongwoodGeek (aka Gerry)

Ok, so I didn’t mean to scare people w/the Tweet yesterday, I just really love that quote! I do, however, have a diagnosis: polymyositis.

It is a degenerative muscle autoimmune disorder and yes, it does carry a much higher cancer risk. The Doc doesn’t think I have cancer (yet) but it is something I have to watch out for. This is especially true if I get the body rash again as that would make it poly-dermatomyositis and THAT carries an even higher cancer risk.

What does this mean? Well, similar to lupus I have to stay out of direct sunlight (without adequate sunscreen) and heat. I am likely to be on heavy steroids and really strong immunosuppressants for the rest of my life. Yes, this is currently NOT curable.

To top it off I also now have to watch my blood sugar even more than I did before because between the fact it isn’t well controlled now, when I am on steroids it is even LESS well controlled. I also need to have regular pulmonary function exams and checks on my lymph nodes.

Also I have to note that the Doc really didn’t like it when I told her I was taking 2000mg of Ibuprofen a day…and rather often at that. Her question to me was “Do you enjoy having kidneys? ‘Cause you won’t if you keep that up!” This was after asking me “You mean 200mg of Ibuprofen a day right?” and I had to respond with “Nooo, I am taking 10 capsules of 200mg each…2000mg.” I wish I had a picture of the look on her face (and I think I had a bruised shoulder from my mother going “I told you so, I told you so!”

So, TL;DR: I am not dead, I have a good diagnosis, more tests forthcoming, and polymyositis can suck a big, fat one.

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