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Thanks to my awesome partner Puck, I am now getting much more active and able to be active on both my Twitch and YouTube channels.

(8/13/2019) I am working on getting more of my previous broadcasts up on my YouTube and keeping current with my latest Twitch streams. I’m working on a list of games to complete and a schedule of when I will play them. CrossCode is currently up for being uploaded now and the files are rendering. My goal is to do 1 hr long episodes per playlist so as to prevent burnout from people watching.

(8/11/2019) I received a Press Review Key for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw from Double Damage Games and have been streaming it on my Twitch! I exported one of the VODs to YouTube but until the ContentID situation calms down I won’t be exporting the other VODs for it.

(6/23/2019) I have updated my Generation Zero playlist on YouTube with the corrected video order: – check out my Let’s Play & tell me what you think! There will be more live Let’s Play of Avalanche Studios’ awesome game on my Twitch soon ( I am working on building up a consistent schedule so keep an eye out for updates.

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Instagram: LongwoodGeek (I post gaming pics, cosplay photos, retro tech, and historical items).

Yes, I do cosplay! I have done “Harry Dresden” in the past, I’ve done a Monk to perform a wedding at a con, and now I show off how much I’ve boned up on the art by cosplaying Sans from Undertale. Don’t worry though, my “+5 Shirt of Awesome” is still very much in use. After all, I have more awesome content creators that I need to sign it (update: I just got the Gaming Grandma Shirley Curry to sign it!!).

I am working on my gaming inventory as well so I can do more archiving and historical discussions about gaming past, present, and future. I love history as much as I love gaming so I am looking forward to incorporating it more! Check out this clip on Twitch for an idea of what I mean: Twitch History Lesson: Generation Zero.

So stick out your hand, don’t you know how to greet a new friend? 🙂

So I have awesome friends and an awesome partner. Branden (@puckbrandgaming) & I went to Charlottesville, VA today (about a 1.5hr Drive from Lynchburg, VA which we live near) to meet up with some dear friends. The visit was two-fold: 1) we were picking up some old computers they had in their basement & 2) I’d be helping Jim fix an audio port on his PC that a tip of an audio jock had broken off in.

On the way there, Jim messages me and asks if I am interested in some old computer games too. I responded with an “Absolutely!” and he went rummaging. 3 boxes later he told me he had gotten most of it ready. Now, mind you, i drive a 2015 Chevy Spark which is not a huge vehicle and I hadn’t thought to see about borrowing a larger car from family because I had only anticipated the computers.

After arriving, we ordered pizza and B & I drooled over the Tech and Games. After lunch, I got to work on Jim’s computer w/the audio issue & solved a couple other problems/questions while we were there.

We finished up around 2:30ish. Originally we had planned to shop around in Charlottesville before leaving but we had such a huge haul to being home that we didn’t dare try. Thanks to B’ Tetris skills, we managed to get the car packed up.

An hour and a half later we arrived at home! I parked at the basement door, we unloaded, and we crashed. I got a few pics before shutting down for the night and that is what you see below.

The first pic below is a shot of almost all the games (only 2 small box PC games aren’t shown). The next pic is everything after unpacking at home. The third pic is the stuffed car. Next pic is B & I in the car on the way home. Next is a collage of all of the large hardware (Macs, PC, Monitors, etc). Two of the biggest pieces in the game lot are next: a SEALED copy of “The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall.” Next is a boxed copy of “Doom II” on 3.5” floppies. That same box also has a registered copy of “Doom” (version 1.666) It also has what appears to be a shareware copy of “Doom” (version 1.2). I have been unable to find out who sold/distributed it so far. Once I get a floppy drive in one of my rigs running I should know for sure.

We love retro tech and retro games. If anyone you know is getting rid of any (ESPECIALLY old floppy disk games, CD-ROM games are good too though) then please let us know!

Let your Geek Flag fly! See you soon on Twitch at

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