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So I haven’t had a chance to tell everyone yet but my proposal for the Virginia Cyber Range‘s ( “VA CYBER EDU CON” ( that will be held virtually from July 27-28, 2020 was accepted!

I will be presenting “Using Gaming to Reinforce Cybersecurity Concepts.” This will include topics on gamification to encourage student interaction, using existing “realistic” games such as NITE Team 4 by (@aliceandsmith, Alice & Smith), designing new reinforcement/education tools, and show ways to explain techniques like those mentioned by @MalwareTechBlog, @hacks4pancakes, @Kitboga, and others on social media (the 4 previously mentioned groups/users are on Twitter). There will also be a section on popular media such as the movie “Hackers,” and the television show “Mr. Robot,” and how to use that to educate and reinforce key principles. cyber privacy infosec cyberrange gaming gamification education informationsecurity itso

  • 2 more countries under infection.
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the UK is doing a bit better.
  • 11m n95 masks delivered in total.
  • 8k ventilators shipped, 10k sitting ready to go if needed.
  • 2,200 ventilators in production.
  • Working with Phillips for ventilators in May, quadruple the number of ventilators by May.
  • 8m masks are coming, 3m will be delivered in May, may do an extra 2m for stockpile, 500m masks.
  • 750k protective gowns landed in Texas via DuPont and Fedex.
  • 10 drugs in clinical trials, taking unprecedented actions for new therapies and treatments.
  • National stockpile has 30m hydroxychloroquine pills, distributing by the millions.
  • Zpak and Zinc – 30m doses, some from India.
  • CDC releasing further guidance for critical infrastructure.
  • Seeing signs that the slow the spread is working, cases are declining and need for beds is going down rapidly
  • Passing additional funding for paycheck protection act: $250B
  • Will open the country when we’re on the downside of the curve, may do it in phases, would be nice to open with a big bang and open most of it.
  • Will not do it until the health experts say it’s safe.
  • 400k positive, 14k passed.


  • At this point, we’re reevaluating our funding with WHO.

Mike Pompeo

  • Looking at impact on seniors and minority groups.
  • 52 Major Disaster declarations, Vermont is the latest.
  • 8k ventilators in stockpile, Colorado Navajo nation got some.
  • GE/Hamilton newly made vents arrived to stockpile
  • Tomorrow with Surgeon General will be speaking with leaders in African American communities.
  • Supports local decisions for governors.


  • Now we’re in the time period of full mitigation, still in awe of the American people’s strength in all of this.
  • Is an Army Veteran
  • Hospital capacity and what hospitals have is how supplies get sent, Texas hasn’t gotten ventilators because they just got started in their curve.


  • Don’t get complacent: in 2 weeks, there will be new infections showing from those exposed today.
  • Please try as best as you can to protect yourself and those susceptible.


  • One of best things we can do is keep critical workforce working.

Dr. Redfield

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