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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Kevin J. Anderson has a Zombie Detective series out now that my mom has read and LOOOOOVES. Well Mom gave me the first book to have him sign since, why not?

So at the con I told him how much my mom loved the book and he tells me that he has the second book there for sale. I pick that up for mom and he signs that for her too. He mentions that he had just gotten HIS copy of the 3rd book in, that won’t be on sale for a few more weeks.

Well I think nothing of that except to tell Mom so she can buy it when it comes out. On Sunday as Dalla and I are walking around, Mr.Anderson passes us in the lobby and I mention to Dalla how cool it is that we just passed the Author GOH. Not two seconds later Mr. Anderson grabs my arm and asks “Are you the one who’s Mom really likes the series?”

I go “Yes sir, that was me.”

He says, “Well I just finished my reading of part of the 3rd book and do not need it any more. Would your Mom be interested in buying it?”

My response “Yes sir, I definitely think she would!” so he says “Follow me back to the Dealer’s room and I’ll get it for you.”

Well we get back there and he goes to give it to me (for the cover price of course, $15 which is SO WORTH IT). His wife, Rebecca Moesta who is also an author, goes “Well hon, I was just telling people I couldn’t sell that copy.” He went “Well I’m told him I was selling it to him so its gone. Sorry hon.” I was a bit mindblown still at this point so I may not have quoted that 100% accurate.

He also said “I’m going to do something special for this one” and put in there “First Signed Copy” because that is the VERY FIRST COPY OF THE FREAKING BOOK printed. This was his Author’s Copy that he sold us which is just incredibly awesome.

Thank you for that Mr. Anderson! 😀


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