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Thanks to my awesome partner Puck, I am now getting much more active and able to be active on both my Twitch and YouTube channels.

(8/13/2019) I am working on getting more of my previous broadcasts up on my YouTube and keeping current with my latest Twitch streams. I’m working on a list of games to complete and a schedule of when I will play them. CrossCode is currently up for being uploaded now and the files are rendering. My goal is to do 1 hr long episodes per playlist so as to prevent burnout from people watching.

(8/11/2019) I received a Press Review Key for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw from Double Damage Games and have been streaming it on my Twitch! I exported one of the VODs to YouTube but until the ContentID situation calms down I won’t be exporting the other VODs for it.

(6/23/2019) I have updated my Generation Zero playlist on YouTube with the corrected video order: – check out my Let’s Play & tell me what you think! There will be more live Let’s Play of Avalanche Studios’ awesome game on my Twitch soon ( I am working on building up a consistent schedule so keep an eye out for updates.

You can follow me on:


Facebook at

Instagram: LongwoodGeek (I post gaming pics, cosplay photos, retro tech, and historical items).

Yes, I do cosplay! I have done “Harry Dresden” in the past, I’ve done a Monk to perform a wedding at a con, and now I show off how much I’ve boned up on the art by cosplaying Sans from Undertale. Don’t worry though, my “+5 Shirt of Awesome” is still very much in use. After all, I have more awesome content creators that I need to sign it (update: I just got the Gaming Grandma Shirley Curry to sign it!!).

I am working on my gaming inventory as well so I can do more archiving and historical discussions about gaming past, present, and future. I love history as much as I love gaming so I am looking forward to incorporating it more! Check out this clip on Twitch for an idea of what I mean: Twitch History Lesson: Generation Zero.

So stick out your hand, don’t you know how to greet a new friend? 🙂

Hey all! I have some really cool news to share to everyone!

NecroTechs, LLC is now an official business!

I can finally cross “starting my own company” off of the bucket list. I can now, officially, promote/sell my services without a 1099 every time!

So what is NecroTechs, LLC? Well our company slogan is “We Resurrect Dead Technology.” This means that several of the services we offer include: computer repair, computer maintenance, custom computer builds, data archiving (in particular our focus is on obsolete formats/media: floppy disks & ZIP disks for example), data recovery (coming soon), server builds and maintenance, website hosting, website design, graphics design, and more!

There are going to be some fun aspects to NecroTechs, LLC too! We have a YouTube and our first video is here: LibertyCon 31 AAR. We have a Twitch channel too: NecroTechs on Twitch. Finally (for now), we have our Twitter: TheNecroTechs on Twitter.

I keep saying “we” and that is because it is not just me doing the work.

Branden Martin ( and Thesally Jane ( are the other two Techromancers here. Branden’s specialties are in art/graphics design and character voice work/voice acting and they are starting school for information technology this fall. Thesally’s specialities are in art/graphics design, videography, vlogging, and writing (both fiction and non-fiction). Thesally is working on improving their skills in computer maintenance and video editing.

We are working on a pricing structure for services at the moment so I do not have that to list. Keep an eye on for more details. Certified non-profits and volunteer organizations will receive discounts and there is a difference between personal and business offerings.

We hope that NecroTechs, LLC can start serving you!

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