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  • NY and NJ are very much hot zones.
  • Boris Johnson (U.K. Prime Minister) taken into ICU.
  • 2 companies that do therapeutics have advanced into incredible results (HIV/Ebola group) and they are heading to London for Boris Johnson.
  • Sent 3k public health personnel to Javits Convention Center on the ship Comfort.
  • Comfort being used for fighting COVID for NY/NJ.
  • Javits Convention Center being staffed by military.
  • Nationwide the Army Corp of Engineers have 22 field hospitals.
  • There are now alternate care sites in 18 states.
  • 845k hospital beds deployed.
  • 8k ventilators sent backed by DPA, thousands of ventilators being built, 10k in fed stockpile
  • 11.7m N95 respirators
  • 26.5m surgical masks
  • 5.3m face shields
  • 4.4m surgical gown
  • 22.6m gloves
  • Plane-loads of vital supplies with Airbridge being brought to locations where needed.
  • We reached an agreement with 3M, 55.5m face masks each month, 166.5m masks over the next few months for frontline healthcare workers.
  • Apple is now producing plastic face shields at the rate of 1m per week.
  • Salesforce donated 48m pieces of PPE including masks, gowns, and face shields.
  • States having issues with distributing supplies should contact the National Guard.
  • If a state has surplus supplies, they are to work with the federal government to redeploy the supplies to where it’s needed.
  • CA sending 500 vents to be distributed.
  • At the present time most critical needs are being met.
  • Utilization rates need to be reported to the federal government so we can continue to send out supplies as needed.
  • Hopeful that the aggressive mitigation will help the hospitals manage the influx of cases we have right now.
  • Trump spoke with Biden and had a friendly conversation that lasted about 15 minutes. “Was really good.”
  • Trump also spoke with American pharmaceutical companies, 10 therapeutic agents are in active trial.
  • 15 therapeutic agents in plans for clinical trials.
  • Second company has announced that vaccine candidates can be in clinical trials.
  • We’ve performed 1.79m tests nationwide.
  • We have more cases because we have more testing.
  • Testing is growing by 125k people per day.
  • CVS is launching 2 new drive thrus in Atlanta, GA and RI and will test up to 1k patients per day (5 minute tests by Abbot labs).
  • As of today tens-of-thousands of businesses applied for Paycheck Protection program.
  • Signing up additional lenders and community banks with larger banks stepping up. If we run out of funds we’re already preparing and will ask Congress to refill it immediately. BOFA, JPMorgan, Chase have all been great.
  • Providing $100B in direct support for hospitals.
  • $30B will be distributed this week.
  • $40-50B being bought of agriculture by China.
  • 182 countries infected.
  • What sort of treatment? Complex treatments just received Development.
  • Trump won’t force a stay at home order as it violates Constitutional rights.
  • How many health workers in the US are infected? Will that information be public? Yes.
  • The President is looking at travel restrictions in hotspot areas
  • There are about 9k ventilators in stockpile.
  • “Are you looking seriously at a second run of payments?” – “We could very well do a second run.”

Trump ^

  • FEMA is the lead agency to provide federal support/medical response on a local level.
  • Pete Ganor is the lead managing it.
  • This is just the beginning of things to come.
  • Approved 50 disaster declarations and will be approving one more .
  • $4.1b dollars distributed to States.
  • 3k military medical personnel arriving over the next 3 days in NY.
  • NJ surpassed the number of lives lost on 9/11.
  • 200 to MD, 50 to DC, 100 to Del, 100 to NV, 50 to Northern Marianas Islands/Guam from CA (Ventilators).
  • Somewhere around the middle of the month will be the peak, for now we must all continue to do the coronavirus guidelines.

Pence ^

  • Out of respect for high risk folks, we as Americans should be doing everything possible to stop the spread. The entire family doesn’t need to go out shopping. We want every American to know what they’re doing is making a difference, maybe once every 2 weeks folks should go out to shop for groceries/pharmacy runs. We need to take care of each other now as Americans.
  • It is on us as a member of our country to do everything possible to save each other.
  • CDC quietly launched a new website: and then Covid19 – Covid Surveillance.
  • Where are we with the numbers of deaths, are we on track with the best case? Or are we coming in lower? If we work as hard as we can over the next several weeks, we’ll go under the projected numbers.

Burx ^

  • Will we get back to ‘normal’ before there’s a vaccine: If back to normal means we act like there’s no coronavirus, that won’t happen until we have a vaccine, and likely never back to pre-Coronavirus. Back to normal means functional.
  • Hospitalizations and deaths are lowering, keep doing mitigation to keep it going.
  • Optimistic if we keep mitigating, we can make the number go down. Fauci does not accept we will have 100-200k deaths.

Fauci ^

  • We are sure that we’re over 2m tests due to some hospitals not reporting.
  • Not telling how many are in the stockpile (ventilators) but says they’ve easily met the needs with “Thousands in the stockpile.” 
  • Everyone who needs a ventilator will have it.
  • A test or two have received emergency use authorization and there is a very consolidated effort to validate the tests on the market right now.
  • Antibody type tests are sophisticated but old technology.
  • FDA/NIH need to assure the tests they’re testing really do test and work the way they should. If things happen the way we think, then we will have millions on the market by May. They will tell if folks have been exposed, immune, and/or clear to work.
  • We’re buying and manufacturers are stepping up to the plate .

Grinor (US Public Health Services)


  • Paycheck protection check launches tomorrow
  • Up to 100% forgivable as long as employers keep paying workers.
  • If not required to file a tax return, you don’t have to (Social security recipients)
  • Issuing new guidelines to protect elderly, suspended entry of all medically unnecessary Personnel, assign same staff to same residents consistently, designate separate areas for health/sick residents
  • Every effort to provide relief to veterans
  • 100k tests per day, accurate tests, moving rapidly, more than any other country in the world
  • Authorized the first antibody test by cellex, identify people who recovered/immune response
  • Azar/Wolf to use any and all authority under DPA to make sure domestic partners have have all materials they need to make vents
  • Over 100k being built/soon to be started
  • Will issue more orders for dpa
  • Signed an element of the act against 3M dor facemasks
  • Gm is very soon going to be doing prod for vents
  • Fema continues to deliver resources to areas most affected 
  • 3k beds to Javits center., 48 icu beds
  • Javits being converted to COVID hospital
  • 2k500 or 2k900 hospital with jabbot
  • Staffed by military and fed gov
  • Two other facilities which were asking in LO and Dallas, will be doing those/staffing with military and fed gov
  • Comfort docked in ny for patients that are Non-COVID affected.
  • 4m n95 masks, 1.8 m surgical masks, 460k face shields 4,400 vents to city and state of ny
  • for folks who want to help
  • Not the time to conduct partisan investigations, no wasting time
  • Took the test, took a minute, took 14/15 minutes to get results is negative for covid 19
  • Vents will eventually be worth $5 once they get the stockpile filled
  • On the healthcare marketplace: We’re going to try to get a cash payment to people
  • Putin sent us some medical high quality stuff

Trump ^

  • 236k tested positive, over 5k have passed
  • Military personnel will operate COVID facilities
  • 7600 vents sent out

Mike Pence

  • Getting real time data from states for supplies
  • The states put in the requests for the vents, and they are granted

Jared Kushner

  • Resources pushed out by fed gov: 
  • Surgical Masks 27.1 m pushed out to state gov
  • 19.5 m n95 masks
  • 22.4 m gloves
  • FS: 5.2m
  • Vents: 7640
  • 400 to mi, 500 to wa, 4400 to ny, 150 to lo, 850 to NJ vents
  • 100k vents acquired by june is the goal
  • Air Bridge:6 flights completed
  • Normally takes 37 days from overseas product loaded, to the US and distributed. To prime the pump, lined on an airbridge to get product here faster 
  • Finding pockets of PPE that may not be in the supply chain
  • 28 flights scheduled
  • Data:
  • Brought all distributors in, we need to make informed decisions and we’re making informed allocation decision supply chain tower
  • Expanding industrial base
  • This product they’re moving is commercial product to the commercial systems
  • Several thousand vents in month of may on the way

Admiral Polzchez (Logistics and supplies)

  • Prioritizing emergency capital for small businesses
  • Will forgive the loan for job retention
  • Advances for SBA disaster loans, forgiveness for the next 6 months on loans
  • Concerned about every small business. 30 million small businesses they’re worried about. 

Joe Vita Coranz

  • Committed to get the program up tomorrow, both teams working until 4AM, and kept working today
  • 500 or fewer people, contact your lenders, you get the money same day, pay workers, you have 8 weeks to bring them back
  • Raise the interest rate to 1%
  • Economic Payback Payments within 2 weeks, the first payments will be direct deposited into folks accounts, anyone who’s a SS recipient will get it deposited directly
  • 50% credit 5k per person for employers
  • President has talked about infrastructure, if we run out of money with the small business money we’re heading back to Congress to get another one.
  • Airlines need money, working closely with DOT
  • Not a bailout for the airlines
  • Incentive is these are loans that turn into grants, you can hire your people back, you get money for their medical, your electricity, it doesn’t cost the business owners anything
  • Independent contractor/sole proprietor will be able to use the program next week, and charities, includes faith organizations under the PPP/New SBA program

Steve Manuchen

  • President signing an order on the black market where people are bidding against each other on ppe and it’s driving the prices up, domestic sources here are being exported, tomorrow is bringing the order than empowers customs and boarder protection (USPS/UPS) to deal with the issue.
  • If you’ve got inventory you gotta call FEMA 
  • Got an urgent sos from police homicide detectives have to go into houses to deal with covid: solved it in two phone calls: within 2 hours 50 gallon drums on ups truck to nypd and other ppe
  • Medicine, masks and vents: Over 50 countries have done export restrictions, no matter how many treaties, when push comes to shove you run the risk of not having what you need


  • Don’t get a false sense of security that you’re protected with a mask
  • Wearing a mask is not a substitute for the slow the spread
  • Still missing 50% of data from testing and reporting
  • Data driven requests being granted for vents

Debra Birx

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