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Hey everyone! I (LongwoodGeek), PuckBrandedGaming, and VinegarGaming will be premiering two old VHS tapes I finally digitized on Friday, June 15h, 2018 at 2100EST (0100 UTC) here: which is the LongwoodGeek Twitch Channel. The video will be about 32 minutes total during which we will be in chat to talk with everyone! Afterwards we will be discussing E3 and probably playing some games (not sure what yet, likely BattleTech or Prey).

Also we will be announcing some really cool stuff we are doing officially afterwards. 😀

Come on out and join us! These tapes are definitely on the cheesy side!


Hi Everyone!

In case you had not seen it yet over at Extra-Life’s forums, I am now a member of the Extra-Life Stream Team! That means that every Saturday from 11pm-1a I will be streaming over at . I’ll be talking about my team, Extra-Life in general, and whatever else comes to my fancy. Please come out and help support the kids!

On my own channel at I am still streaming irregularly. I’m working on a real schedule of streaming but it all depends on my work schedule and traffic as well my social life. I really want to start streaming more but I need to figure out the best times to do it. 😀

Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope to see you over in one of the two channels!


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