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So I have awesome friends and an awesome partner. Branden (@puckbrandgaming) & I went to Charlottesville, VA today (about a 1.5hr Drive from Lynchburg, VA which we live near) to meet up with some dear friends. The visit was two-fold: 1) we were picking up some old computers they had in their basement & 2) I’d be helping Jim fix an audio port on his PC that a tip of an audio jock had broken off in.

On the way there, Jim messages me and asks if I am interested in some old computer games too. I responded with an “Absolutely!” and he went rummaging. 3 boxes later he told me he had gotten most of it ready. Now, mind you, i drive a 2015 Chevy Spark which is not a huge vehicle and I hadn’t thought to see about borrowing a larger car from family because I had only anticipated the computers.

After arriving, we ordered pizza and B & I drooled over the Tech and Games. After lunch, I got to work on Jim’s computer w/the audio issue & solved a couple other problems/questions while we were there.

We finished up around 2:30ish. Originally we had planned to shop around in Charlottesville before leaving but we had such a huge haul to being home that we didn’t dare try. Thanks to B’ Tetris skills, we managed to get the car packed up.

An hour and a half later we arrived at home! I parked at the basement door, we unloaded, and we crashed. I got a few pics before shutting down for the night and that is what you see below.

The first pic below is a shot of almost all the games (only 2 small box PC games aren’t shown). The next pic is everything after unpacking at home. The third pic is the stuffed car. Next pic is B & I in the car on the way home. Next is a collage of all of the large hardware (Macs, PC, Monitors, etc). Two of the biggest pieces in the game lot are next: a SEALED copy of “The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall.” Next is a boxed copy of “Doom II” on 3.5” floppies. That same box also has a registered copy of “Doom” (version 1.666) It also has what appears to be a shareware copy of “Doom” (version 1.2). I have been unable to find out who sold/distributed it so far. Once I get a floppy drive in one of my rigs running I should know for sure.

We love retro tech and retro games. If anyone you know is getting rid of any (ESPECIALLY old floppy disk games, CD-ROM games are good too though) then please let us know!

Let your Geek Flag fly! See you soon on Twitch at

Hey everyone! I (LongwoodGeek), PuckBrandedGaming, and VinegarGaming will be premiering two old VHS tapes I finally digitized on Friday, June 15h, 2018 at 2100EST (0100 UTC) here: which is the LongwoodGeek Twitch Channel. The video will be about 32 minutes total during which we will be in chat to talk with everyone! Afterwards we will be discussing E3 and probably playing some games (not sure what yet, likely BattleTech or Prey).

Also we will be announcing some really cool stuff we are doing officially afterwards. 😀

Come on out and join us! These tapes are definitely on the cheesy side!


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