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  • Currently 11 companies are making ventilators.
  • The U.S. is looking at building 2 new ships.
  • 2.2 million gowns donated to strategic national stockpile from Cardinal Health in OH.
  • Project Airbridge: we are importing PPE from other countries per FEMA.
  • 17k National Guard have been activated to move medical supplies.
  • Scientists are pouring over the genetic code of the virus looking for a vaccine/remedy.
  • Phase 3 of the stimulus was passed, phase 4 is in Congress now.
  • Flights still running between hotspots but we are thinking of stopping them.
  • Trump won’t force a countrywide stay at home order because ‘some states are different in their infection rates’.
  • Over 5m immigrants and undocumented individuals will not receive any aid or stimulus package, “It’s a sad thing, but our people are out of work too. We are working on it.”
  • Florida: Large religious groups can still meet which is not good for mitigation (Press comment).
  • Hazard Pay for Healthcare Workers: we are talking about bonus pay.
  • Trump Was considering reopening but there was a determination to not do that at the moment.
  • We inherited bad tests and a broken system but we have worked with the states and testing has been amazing.
  • Trump is looking at hotspots but it’s hard to open and close transportation.
  • Should the public be wearing masks? I don’t see where it hurts, you can use a scarf. It’s highly recommended, we don’t wanna do anything that will take masks away from medical professionals.
  • Be very careful if you go to church.
  • Trump would talk to Joe Biden about the virus and if he calls he’ll take the call.
  • Under which conditions will you be considering suspending US sanctions for Iran? They just gotta call.
  • On domestic violence: Trump has concerns and it’s a cost of not getting our countries working.
  • We are going to do something, at a minimum we are sending medical people to the ships that are sick. Canadian authorities are going to pull people who are Canadian back home.
  • The IRS is requiring folks who don’t file to make a simple IRS statement to get their checks [this has since been changed today via the Treasury].

Trump ^

  • On Pence deflected and said folks can still get testing regardless of having insurance, the insurance companies are waiving copays on all coronavirus treatments.
  • We are making great progress in PPE and the American people can be confident that the healthcare workers will be properly compensated and the financial burden on those who get COVID also can deal with the issues and cost.
  • Where can people go NOW for insurance if they don’t have it? Medicaid has given waivers for coronavirus testing and treatment, and we will continue to bring systems to the people.
  • What we’re seeing health insurance companies do right now is inspiring. One of the things that has animated the President’s approach is how he has engaged businesses to step up. We’re inspired by the spirit of America and we will continue to give Medicaid to people who are uninsured.
  • We are looking at what to do for people who are the uninsured middle class.
  • With the rejected tests: The test kits were delivered, there is a difference between getting the test and rapidly getting results from that test. Our team did over 100k tests today with a total of 1.2 million tests performed.
  • We are transitioning all the federal work to the states for drive through testing.

Pence ^

  • If we get to no new cases or deaths it makes sense you should relax social distancing. The one thing we will hopefully have in place is a most robust system to isolate and do contact tracing. If you have a good program of containment that stops mitigation, the ultimate solution to a virus that might be coming back is a vaccine.
  • The vaccine is on target, still in phase 1, on the last dose and waiting on data which could take a year to a year and a half.
  • Did you know Falchi used to be a really skilled B-Baller?!
  • Dr. Granbill has come up with a potential antibody but he doesn’t know specifically that this individual antibody is accurate. Convalescent plasma and immunoglobulin/monoclonal antibody is what they’re looking at with passive transfer for treatment.
  • Widespread Antibody Testing: Find out if someone is infected, and if they’ll be protected. Antibody testing right now isn’t the first thing they’re prioritizing. It is important to get a feel for where the penetrance is in society and gain herd immunity from that.


  • Right now we are in talks with universities, public health, and basic science. All of them have received NIH grants for HIV in the past. We have talked to all of them to ask them to develop Elisa tests in the healthcare centers.
  • 99.9% of time you are safe from reinfection if you have the proper antibodies.
  • It could happen soon, within this month.


  • Contengicy plan for the ICE centers: It is on a case by case basis, when we do that we put them on alternatives as well. We’re looking at vulnerable people, and it’s a case by case basis. We are not making a blanket statement that we are going to release groups of people. Different facilities have different capabilities. 
  • We are looking with options with H2A workers visas for migrant workers for field labor.

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