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  • 2 more countries under infection.
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the UK is doing a bit better.
  • 11m n95 masks delivered in total.
  • 8k ventilators shipped, 10k sitting ready to go if needed.
  • 2,200 ventilators in production.
  • Working with Phillips for ventilators in May, quadruple the number of ventilators by May.
  • 8m masks are coming, 3m will be delivered in May, may do an extra 2m for stockpile, 500m masks.
  • 750k protective gowns landed in Texas via DuPont and Fedex.
  • 10 drugs in clinical trials, taking unprecedented actions for new therapies and treatments.
  • National stockpile has 30m hydroxychloroquine pills, distributing by the millions.
  • Zpak and Zinc – 30m doses, some from India.
  • CDC releasing further guidance for critical infrastructure.
  • Seeing signs that the slow the spread is working, cases are declining and need for beds is going down rapidly
  • Passing additional funding for paycheck protection act: $250B
  • Will open the country when we’re on the downside of the curve, may do it in phases, would be nice to open with a big bang and open most of it.
  • Will not do it until the health experts say it’s safe.
  • 400k positive, 14k passed.


  • At this point, we’re reevaluating our funding with WHO.

Mike Pompeo

  • Looking at impact on seniors and minority groups.
  • 52 Major Disaster declarations, Vermont is the latest.
  • 8k ventilators in stockpile, Colorado Navajo nation got some.
  • GE/Hamilton newly made vents arrived to stockpile
  • Tomorrow with Surgeon General will be speaking with leaders in African American communities.
  • Supports local decisions for governors.


  • Now we’re in the time period of full mitigation, still in awe of the American people’s strength in all of this.
  • Is an Army Veteran
  • Hospital capacity and what hospitals have is how supplies get sent, Texas hasn’t gotten ventilators because they just got started in their curve.


  • Don’t get complacent: in 2 weeks, there will be new infections showing from those exposed today.
  • Please try as best as you can to protect yourself and those susceptible.


  • One of best things we can do is keep critical workforce working.

Dr. Redfield

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