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So I haven’t had a chance to tell everyone yet but my proposal for the Virginia Cyber Range‘s ( “VA CYBER EDU CON” ( that will be held virtually from July 27-28, 2020 was accepted!

I will be presenting “Using Gaming to Reinforce Cybersecurity Concepts.” This will include topics on gamification to encourage student interaction, using existing “realistic” games such as NITE Team 4 by (@aliceandsmith, Alice & Smith), designing new reinforcement/education tools, and show ways to explain techniques like those mentioned by @MalwareTechBlog, @hacks4pancakes, @Kitboga, and others on social media (the 4 previously mentioned groups/users are on Twitter). There will also be a section on popular media such as the movie “Hackers,” and the television show “Mr. Robot,” and how to use that to educate and reinforce key principles. cyber privacy infosec cyberrange gaming gamification education informationsecurity itso

My Mysticon 2020 schedule! Located at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood in Roanoke, VA it is this upcoming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Feb 28, 29, Mar 1, 2020).

I have a pretty busy schedule as a guest!

Friday 3pm: Audio Podcasting and Internet Radio 101
Friday 5pm: Video Games as Research Tools
Friday 10pm: Collecting Retro Video Games

Saturday 11am: Making Videos & Streaming Games
Saturday 7pm: A TikTok Meetup

Sunday 12pm: Social Media Tools & How to Avoid Being One

It’s going to be a BUSY con! I will definitely be recording as many panels as I can for uploading later (and maybe streaming one too!).

What suggestions does everyone have for stuff to cover in my panels?

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